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NetOptics Taps

NetOptics Taps
The Ixia Net Optics family of taps provides 100 percent visibility and permanent passive access points into the customer’s network. When a monitoring tool is needed, simply connect the device to the tap instead of taking down the link and interrupting traffic. Taps pass all network traffic—including Layers 1 and 2 errors—without introducing bottlenecks or points of failure. Regardless of interface or location in the network, we provide a tap 
solution, supporting copper, multimode and single mode fiber at speeds up to 100Gbps with media conversion models available.

Fast and reliable, our passive network taps provide access for security and network management devices on all types of networks.

• 100% visibility to link traffic for your security and network monitoring tools
• In-line link failover protection
• Access ready connectivity

Taps can be deployed on any inline connection throughout the network, providing permanent access to network traffic and allowing total traffic visibility for network monitoring and security devices.

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  • NetOptics Taps;

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NetOptics Taps
NetOptics Taps

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