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Hawkeye - оперативное решение для эксплуатации и полевых испытаний действующих распределенных сетей. Предназначено для активного мониторинга сети с целью измерения, контроля и диагностики сетевой инфраструктуры путём инъекции тестового трафика. Основано на открытых протоколах для интеграции с системами OSS/BSS и EMS.

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  • Hawkeye;

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Deploy web server and probes
Central web-based management server Installed on Microsoft Server Operating System – web-based access for operations and administration
Software installation probes Support for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Unix, bootable USB dongle, etc.
Web-based active probes Supported with SpeedAudit plugin
Hardware probes xr100 and xr1000 probes
Probes auto-discovery Central server automatically detects new probe install and discovers IP addresses
Probe advanced configurations Supports VLAN, advanced routing, IPv6, etc., allowing easy integration with any network topology
SpeedAudit web-based testing technology
Feature-rich test types More than 30 pre-calibrated tests covering unified communications, voice, video streaming, TCP- and UDP-based bandwidth tests and application testing
Test bandwidth Use endpoint-based test on software and hardware probe combinations, or use the SpeedAudit module for easy diagnostics on available bandwidth
Web-based advanced speed test SpeedAudit module allows running a quick diagnostic from a simple web browser against reference servers; verify end users’ key throughput, delay, and loss metrics with a simple click
Topology testing Covering node to node, one-arm real service, complex mesh, or hub and spoke topologies
Threshold setting Threshold pre-calibrated and configured globally, can be tuned per test definition
Test schedules Define schedules with test duration, test interval, verify 24/7, run batch test every night/week/month
Analyze results
Real-time dashboards Show results in real time in geographic or trend dashboards views
Result drill-down capabilities Get global snapshot of historical data per topology, path, and test types, and drill down into results
Simplified result presentation See results in visual Pass/Fail format; allow any user to get a quick understanding of current network/application health
Results details Each test result is stored with a set of KPIs and threshold results
Results comparison All tests are stored in database for user-defined retention period and can be compared for test execution and replay
Monitor Pass/Fail for trouble spots
KPI dashboard For selected time period dashboard, based on filtered criteria; contains pie chart on PASS/FAIL/ERROR and statistics on metrics
Metric trend report For selected time period dashboard, based on filtered criteria: per metric and pair type trend report
Last 3 days dashboard Last 3 days dashboard (yesterday, day before, 2 days before), on filtered criteria; contains pie chart on PASS/FAIL/ERROR and statistics on metrics
Last 3 period dashboard From current date, last 3 periods based on time selection (last hour, last day, etc.) dashboard, on filtered criteria; contains pie chart on PASS/FAIL/ERROR and statistics on metrics
Top 10 dashboard Ranking of top 10 and worst 10 results per metric, based on selected criteria
Full report Combination of result, dashboard, and trend report
Per-path summary report, trend, and complete Per path PASS/FAIL dashboards, trend, and complete dashboards + trend
Site reports Per site report (using probe or probe group)
Test results list Test results on filtered criteria
KPI report value Test results with metrics on filtered criteria
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